The Blooper, 2021
Directed by: Sergey Tselikov
The Blooper
Short feature film, 2021 12+

Production: "Leto" Studio
Directed by: Sergey Tselikov
Produced by: Sergey Tselikov
Screenplay by: Aglaya Solovyova, Sergey Tselikov
Camera: Ilya Kondratyev
Music: Vasily Urievsky
Sound: Dmitry Markin
Production designers: Natalia Filatova, Andrey Novozhilov
Cast: Valentin Samokhin (as Khudpost), Leonid Dzyunik (as Producer), Svetlana Nemolyaeva (as Actress), Alexander Shpagin (as Director), Boris Teterkin (as Trainee)
Running time: 27 minutes

The working day of the production designer Kostya has all been wrong since the very morning. In the accounting department of the film studio, he learned that he had been fined. Dumbfounded by this, Kostya goes to the producer to sort it out.
Sergey Tselikov
Biography of the director:

Sergey Tselikov, Russian film director, screenwriter, producer. Born in 1984. From 2002 to 2007, he studied at the Maritime Academy to be a skipper. He worked at sea. In 2008, he entered the directing department of VGIK. He has directed several short films that have won prizes at Russian and international film festivals.

Filmography of the director:

2016 - Going AWOL (Feature film, drama, 20 minutes)
2019 – Adjika Extreme Team (Feature film, drama, 20 minutes)
2021 – The Blooper (Feature film, comedy 13 minutes)