Applications for participation in the X Moscow International Film Festival "Budem Zhit" (Let's live) are accepted.
On August 27 — September 1, 2021, "Budem Zhit" (Let's Live) Film Festival will be held in Moscow for the 10th time, according to tradition, timed to the Day of Russian Cinema and the celebration of the Day of the City of Moscow. The main goals and objectives of the event are to introduce Muscovites and guests of the capital to new domestic films and their creators, to expand the audience of films by showing them on public platforms, as well as to exchange experience between famous masters and novice filmmakers. The motto of the Festival is "Preserving the best, we think about the future of our cinema".

Applications for participation in the film festival are accepted from June 17 to July 26, 2021 (inclusive).

Film projects in the following categories are accepted for participation:
· Russian and foreign full-length feature films of 2020-2021 (Competition program);
· Russian and foreign short feature films of 2020-2021 (Competition program);
· Russian and foreign documentaries 2020-2021 (Competition program).

To apply for the festival, you must register on the Moviestart Film Cluster platform and fill out a questionnaire in the "My Projects" section. The completed application must be submitted for Pitching in the "Contests" section.

In addition to competitive showings, non-competitive showings and events of the educational program will be held within the framework of the festival.

Showing of competitive and non-competitive films, as well as events within the framework of a simulteneous educational program will be held at popular Moscow venues: the Central House of Cinematographers, the "Poklonka" cinema of the Central Victory Museum, cinemas of the "Moskino" chain, the Documentary Film Center, etc.

Contact information of the Festival Directorate:

Youth Center of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia
Moscow, Vasilyevskaya str., 13 build. 1, 2nd floor, office 35
 (Central House of Cinematographers)
Phone number: +7 499 251 85 11