Morpho, 2020
Directed by: Asya Schuplova
Short feature film, 2020 16+

Directed by: Asya Schuplova
Screenplay by: Asya Schuplova
Produced by: Sofia Baitman
Camera: Sofia Baitman
Music: Yulia Vasilyeva
Sound: Yulia Vasilyeva
Editing: Asya Schuplova
Cast: Andrey Makarov
Running time: 12: 31'

A young scientist who grew up far beyond the solar system arrives at the once ruined planet Earth, in search of life. This expedition reveals shocking historical details for the scientist that will change his life.
Asya Schuplova
Biography of the director:

Asya Shchuplova was born on 23.10.1996 in Moscow. Currently, she is a student of the directing department of the Institute of Film and Television (GITR).

Filmography of the director:

2020 - "Morpho" , a short student film
"Telemania" International open Youth Festival of television programs and films , Grand Prix, 1st place in the nomination "Best work of a sound engineer" - Yulia Vasilyeva, 1st place in the nomination "Best work of a director" - Anastasia Schuplova, 2nd place in the nomination "Best work of an artist" - Appolinaria Bulgakova (2020, Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg)
"Tsiolkovsky" International Film Festival (2021, Kaluga, Russia)
2019 - "Mnema", short student film
2018 - "Object", short student film