Katya and Vasya Go to School, 2020
Directed by: Yulia Vishnevetskaya
Katya and Vasya go to school
Documentary, 2020 18+

Directed by: Yulia Vishnevetskaya
Screenplay by: Yulia Vishnevetskaya with participation of Olga Badina
Produced by: Yevgenia Vengerova
Camera: Konstantin Salomatin, Daria Senicheva, Yulia Lantsova
With participation of Yevgeny Levishar, Yulia Vishnevetskaya, Maria Pavlova, Timofey Anisimov
Sound: Anton Kuryshev
Editing: Olga Badina
Cast: Ekaterina Mamontova, Vasily Kharitonov, Sasha Gordeev et al.
Running time: 88 min
Katya and Vasya, two young teachers, come to a small provincial town. They are not professional educators, but they love children, they really want to "sow what is wise, what is good, what is true" and dream of changing the school education system. The reality turns out to be much more complicated. Half of the children in this school are going to vocational school after the 9th grade, they are not interested in creativity, they go to school as if it's penal servitude. Will Katya and Vasya keep their enthusiasm? Will they be able to find contact with difficult teenagers? Will they be working next year?
Yulia Vishnevetskaya
Biography of the director:

Journalist, director of documentaries, author of many reports, photo reports, television stories on social topics. Since 2019, she has been working for Radio Liberty. Her first full-length documentary "House on the Edge" was shown at Russian and foreign festivals. The short documentary "Shies" received the "Editorial Board" award in 2019.

Filmography of the director:

"House on the Edge" , 2016; "Wedding", 2017; "Someone Else's child", 2017; "Rubber Apartment", 2018; "Game", 2018; "Girls from the camp", 2019; "You are the Medic", 2019; "Shies", 2019; "The Circus has left", 2019, "A woman and a killer", 2019; "Katya and Vasya go to school", 2020.