Call Me Thrush, 2020
Directed by: Pavel Mirzoev
Call me Thrush
Full-length feature film, 2020 12+

Directed by: Pavel Mirzoev
Screenplay by: Valeria Zadereeva with the participation of Pavel Mirzoev
Produced by: Yuri Obukhov, Alexey Ryazantsev
Camera: Evgeny Koroptsov
Music: Petr Nalich
Sound: Andrey Nikulin
Editing: Yuri Trofimov
Costumes: Tatiana Ubeyvolk
Makeup: Polina Statsenko
Cast: Kirill Kyaro, Yulia Marchenko, Ivan Loginov, Valentina Lyapina, Maxim Saprykin, Asya Domskaya, Serafima Krasnikova, Svetlana Ruban.
Running time: 94 minutes
This is a teenage love story set against the background of a family drama. As the the plot unfolds fourteen-year-old Kostya, the main character acquires his own voice, his "I".
The divorce of his parents seriously traumatized the boy, although both parents love their son and are trying to find a common language with him.They are looking for contact with Kostya and will eventually find it against all odds.
Pavel Mirzoev
Biography of the director:

Brief biography and filmography: Born on 06.02.1977 in Moscow. He graduated from the VGIK named after S. A. Gerasimov (V. Yu. Abdrashitov's feature film workshop). He shoots feature and documentary films as a director and screenwriter. Winner of the Grand Prix of the Literature and Cinema Film Festival in Gatchina, prizes for the best film of the Russian Zarubezhye and Saratov Stradania (Sufferings) film festivals, the "Beliy Slon" (White Elephant) prize of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Critics, etc. Member of the Guild of Documentary Filmmakers of Russia, the Association of Documentary Filmmakers of Russia and the Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation.

Filmography of the director: 2011 - "Emka Mandel from Colborne Road" (doc.); 2013 – "A woman of the Tango era" (doc.); 2014 – "Fellow Countrymen" (doc.) 2016 - " Naum Korzhavin. Time is given "(doc.) 2018 - "Tanya" (doc.); 2018 "How I became..." (full-length feature film); 2020 "Call me Thrush" (full-length feature film).