While it's Rattling Around, 2021
Directed by: Alexey Postnov
While it's rattling around
Short feature film, 2021 12+

Directed by: Alexey Postnov
Screenplay by: Alexey Postnov, Anna Weilert
Produced by: Ekaterina Ushakova
Camera: Sergey Moskvin
Music: Arsen Baderkhan
Sound: Anton Kryzhanovsky
Editing: Alexey Postnov
Cast: Feia Tzou, Artem Chernov, Alexander Fokin, Shun Zhang, Lia Gao
Running time: 29:54
Zhang Yu, a flight attendant from China arrives in Moscow, a city with a different culture, with a different language. Yu clearly knows that a career of a flight attendant is not for her, she sees the world differently, not like everyone else, but her father, a pilot, who arranged for her to work in that area, does not understand this. The whole world is filled with screaming incomprehension. The only person who will understand it is Jan, a photographer who hears the world through a hearing aid and therefore also has difficulty in communication.
Alexey Postnov
Biography of the director:

Alexey Postnov was born on 03.08.1989 in Orenburg. In 2011, he graduated from Orenburg State University with a degree as a linguist-translator, in the same year he received the qualification of a teacher of English and German. Currently, he is finishing his studies at the Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Directors (workshop of V. I. Khotinenko, P. K. Finn, V. I. Fenchenko).

Filmography of the director:

2021 - "While it's rattling around", short student film / diploma
Short Shot Fest International Film Festival (2021, Moscow, Russia)
Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival (2021, Russia, Moscow)
KinoDUEL International Film Festival (2021, Russia, Moscow)
2019 - "Let's break through", short film
2016 - "The First of March", short film
2015 - "My Rock and Roll", short film
2011 - "Seize the Moment", short film