The red phantom, 2020
Directed by: Andrey Bogatyrev
The red phantom
Full-length feature film, 2020 16+

Directed by: Andrey Bogatyrev
Screenplay by: Andrey Bogatyrev, Vyacheslav Shikhaleev, Pavel Abramenkov with participation of Armen Vatyan, Sergey Krainev, Oleg Bogatov, Pavel Poluychik
Produced by: Tatiana Voronetskaya, Konstantin Elkin, Andrey Bogatyrev
Camera: Nikita Rozhdestvensky
Music: Sergey Solovyov
Sound: Dmitry Malyshkin
Editing: Serik Beiseuov
Costumes: Ekaterina Arefyeva
Makeup: Irina Illarionova
Cast: Alexey Shevchenko, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Wolfgang Czerny, Yuri Borisov
Running time: 96 minutes

Winter of 1941. Fighting their way out of the encirclement near Vyazma, a small group of Soviet soldiers has to stop in an abandoned village. But there is no respite. A well-armed German detachment led by a Wehrmacht punisher decides to settle in the same house. He is looking for a mysterious soldier nicknamed the Red Phantom, who appears out of nowhere and single-handedly kills the invaders and just as mysteriously disappears.
Andrey Bogatyrev
Biography of the director:

In 2003, he entered the VGIK, the workshop of directing non-fiction films by Yefim Reznikov and Boris Karadzhev. In 2005, he received a prize for a course work at the VGIK International Festival with the phrase "For the search for a modern hero". In 2007, he graduated from VGIK, his diploma project participated in more than ten international film festivals. After graduating from VGIK, Andrey worked at the Rossfilm film company, where he shot several TV programs ("Omens-messages from the future", "To do a good deed. The curse of the Derviz family", "Evdokia — the last Russian tsarina", "Nanomir" and others). In 2014, as a director, he shot the second season of the sitcom "SashaTanya", as well as the video for the song "Space Ahead" by the "Torba-na-Kruche" rock band .

In 2015, he became a student of the N. S. Mikhalkov Academy of Theater and Cinematographic Art. As part of the training, he made a short film from the series "About the War".

In 2018, he began filming the military western "The Red Phantom", where he acted as a director, producer and author of the idea. In the middle of the year, he finished the sports drama "Wild League".

Filmography of the director:

2015-SashaTanya (sitcom)
2015-White Nights (together with Tatiana Voronetskaya)
2019-Wild League
2020-THe Red Phantom
2020-THE PLAGUE! (together with Baibulat Batullin)