The Audition, 2021
Directed by: Sofia Ozerova
The audition
Short feature film, 2021 18+

Directed by: Sofia Ozerova
Screenplay by: Sofia Ozerova
Produced by: Sofia Ozerova, Daniil Dubinin
Camera: Gleb Martynov
Music: Sofia Ozerova
Sound: Egor Kukushkin
Editing: Maria Danilova
Costumes: Alice Danish
Makeup: Pavel Elfimov
Cast: Wanda Konisevich, Alexey Kamanin, Ksenia Puntus, Kirill Odoevsky, Yevgenia Shevchenko, Pavel Barshak, Sofia Ozerova, Margarita Abramova, Valeria Turetskaya, Konstantin Kudinsky
Running time: 13 min

Our whole life is but a game, and men and women are merely actors.
Sofia Ozerova
Biography of the director:

Sofia Ozerova was born in 1995 in Moscow in the family of Alexander Ozerov, a humorist and musician and Elena Vrublevskaya, a gymnastics coach and choreographer . She graduated from the "Klass-center" theater school, a music school in the piano class. She studied at the acting department of GITIS, at the HSE department of Communication Design. Since the age of 11, she has been acting in films, starred in the films "Hit", "Text", "Russian Raid", etc. She writes music, sometimes she illustrates music album covers. The short film "The Audition" is her debut as director.