The Apostle Herman, 2021
Directed by: Kim Druzhinin
The Apostle Herman
Short feature film, 2021 18+

Directed by: Kim Druzhinin
Screenplay by: Dmitry Bedarev
Produced by: Alexander Shmakov
Camera: Andrey Kuznetsov
Music: The bambi molesters, Graham Coxon, Kelly Bailey, Layby Eyes, Klint, Badfinger, Thee oh sees
Sound : Alexander Abramov
Editing:Victor Lisovsky
Costumes: Valeria Ryskina, Lev Vorobyov
Makeup: Evgenia Sudarikova
Cast: Olga Ostroumova-Gutschmidt, Dmitry Bedarev, Pavel Maikov, Yanina Melekhova, Vladimir Butenko, Maxim Vazhov, Grigory Danziger.
Running time: 19: 23
One day, an unusual patient arrives at the first city hospital. He is not like other ordinary patients as he is obsessed with a desire to commit suicide. It is quite easy to understand: his life is terrible, he has debts, mother-in-law, his wife is no angel, work, etc. In general, he is pushed to the limit, or rather, to hanging himself. And even in despair as he is, he fails in attempts to part this life. He tries to take pills, but they are not poisonous, then the floor is not high enough, then the chandelier falls down. In the last attempt, Pavel Surkov gets to the hospital to a surgeon, who puts him in a separate ward. In the morning, a woman appears at his bedside, while he is drugged with Phenazepam.

She introduces herself as the Apostle Herman and offers Surkov a deal: Pavel must restore justice and regain everything that other people owe him. The Apostle Herman will help him and take half of what he received. Pavel has nothing to lose, and he accepts the rules of the game. Under the guidance of Herman, he meets with his debtors. Herman guides Surkov in real time.

The complete transformation of the hero begins.

Step by step, punishing one offender after another, Surkov begins to relish the joys of this world. He has a strong desire to live. Soon enough, Surkov himself becomes a mentor for new unsuccessful suicides. His new name is the Apostle Paul. Everything continues according to the established scheme. Multi-level marketing works. Surkov is getting increasingly involved in this process, bringing benefits to his secret organization.
Kim Druzhinin