Siege Dairy, 2020
Directed by: Andrey Zaitsev
Siege Dairy
Full-length feature film, 2020 12+

Directed by: Andrey Zaitsev
Screenplay by: Andrey Zaitsev
Produced by: Andrey Zaitsev
Camera: Irina Uralskaya
Sound: Ivo Heger
Editing: Andrey Zaitsev
Cast: Olga Ozollapinya, Sergey Dreyden
Running time: 118 min.

The film tells about the first, the most difficult winter of the siege of Leningrad, in which most people died of hunger. February 1942, severe frosts at minus 30 degrees, terrible hunger, water and electricity supply do not work, no transport, Leningrad is covered with snow and paralyzed. A young woman, Olga, is walking across the city to her father. She has just buried her husband and is sure that soon she will also die of hunger. She wants to see her dad for the last time, say goodbye to him and ask him for forgiveness. This film is a blockade Odyssey, where the viewer together with the heroine passes through the whole city, meets a variety of people, gets into difficult situations and sees the state of Leningrad and its inhabitants.
The film is based on the memoirs of the poet Olga Bergholz, who was called the "Leningrad Madonna", and her story "Day Stars", as well as on numerous memories of the blockade survivors, including the writer Daniil Granin. All the situations and characters were real, actually existed and are no fiction.
Andrey Zaitsev
Brief biography:

Born in 1975. He graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University and the Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Directors (course of Alexander Mitta). Director of documentary and feature films. Twice winner of the "Zolotoy Orel" (Golden Eagle) and "Lavrovaya Vetv" (Laurel Branch) awards.

Winner of the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture in 2012. Head of "September" Film Studio, specializing in production of television, documentaries and feature films.


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