Regulations of the X Moscow International Film Festival "Budem Zhit"(Let's live)
1. Place and time of the Festival.

The X Moscow International Film Festival "Budem Zhit (Let's Live) (hereinafter – the Festival) is held from August 27 to September 1, 2021 in Moscow and is timed to celebrate the Day of Russian Cinema.

2. Goals and objectives:

- to familiarize Muscovites and guests of the capital with new domestic and foreign films and their creators;
- to expand the audience through showing on public platforms;
- to exchange experience between famous masters and novice filmmakers.

3. Organizers.

3.1. The list of Organizers:
Kinematografist Foundation;
Union of Filmmakers of Russia;
Department for Youth Policy of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia.
With the support of:
Department of Culture of the city of Moscow;
Department of Mass Media of the city of Moscow;
Central Victory Museum;
"Moskovskoe kino" cinema chain;
Stilichniy Workshop Of Cultural Workers.

4. Directorate.

4.1. The Festival organizers form the Festival Directorate
 4.2. Functions of the Directorate are:
● appointing the Selection Committee of the Festival;
● organization of film showings, master classes, creative meetings, round tables;
● organization of the Festival's advertising campaign;
● Inviting and coordinating the work of the Festival Jury;
● preparation of information materials of the Festival;
 ● moderation of the Festival website.
4.3. Director of the festival is Dmitry Yakunin, Secretary of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia, head of the Department for Youth Policy of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia, producer.

5. Program of the Festival.

5.1. Competition program
● Full-length feaure films of 2020-2021 (Russian and foreign full-length feature films over 60 minutes, released no earlier than January 2020)
● Short feature films of 2020-2021 (Russian and foreign short feature films up to 35 minutes, released no earlier than January 2020)
 ● Documentary films of 2020-2021 (Russian and foreign documentaries released no earlier than January 2020)

5.2. Non-competitive, educational and business programs of the Festival:
● Non-competitive program (animation, short, full-length programs)
● Master classes of leading Russian filmmakers
● and other programs

6. Participation in the Festival.

6.1. To participate in the selection, full-length and short feature and documentary films of Russian and foreign production, shot in 2020 and 2021, are accepted for the competition programs of the Festival.
6.2. To participate in the selection, one shall fill out an application form on the official website of the Festival by July 26, 2020 (
 Films sent after the specified date will not be considered. The application shall contain a closed link to the viewing copy of the film on or (the link must be valid until the end date of the Festival).
6.3. When submitting a film in languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation or using a foreign language other than Russian, subtitles in Russian shall be provided.
6.4. Submission of the film for participation in the Festival is free of charge.
6.5. Within the selection process of the Festival, the copyright holders shall send the following information (if it was not attached at the application stage):
● Synopsis, advertising materials, press materials;
● Movie trailer or teaser;
● Materials for the online catalog (information about the creators of the film, photos, film frames).
6.6. Each film can be shown no more than five times during the festival, including press showings.

7. Films selection and evaluation
7.1. The selection of films for participation in the competitive programs of the Festival is carried out by the curators of the programs of short feature films, full-length feature films and documentary films.
7.2. The order of showing films at the Festival is determined by the Festival Directorate.
7.3. For the evaluation of competitive films, the jury of the competition is set up – the jury of the Documentary Film Competition, the jury of the Short Film Competition, the jury of the Feature Film Competition.

8. Guests of the Festival

8.1. All issues relating to the invitation of guests, the terms and conditions of their stay at the Festival are determined by the Festival Directorate. The conditions of stay of the Festival guests are stipulated in personal invitations.
8.2. The participation of films in the competition programs of the Festival implies the mandatory presence of one person to represent each film (director, producer).
8.3. The Festival Directorate shall not bear the expenses for the stay (travel, accommodation, meals) of the authors of the film who want to present their film at the Festival venue.
8.4. The Festival Directorate assumes the costs of the stay of one member of the jury of each nomination of the feature film competition with an accompanying person in Moscow and their travel to the festival and back.

9. Copies of films to be shown at the Festival.

 9.1. Copies of films selected for screening in the Festival programs must be submitted to the Festival Directorate no later than August 17, 2021. Full-length feature films, documentary short films and full-length films are accepted in DCP format, short feature films are accepted in mp4, mov or avi. format.
 9 2. If the DCP copy is encrypted, the Festival Directorate must be provided with a key for the entire duration of the Festival.
9.3. If it is not possible to transfer a copy of the film within the specified time, the Participant shall agree on possible methods of transfer with the Festival Directorate.
9.4. All terms and conditions are binding, otherwise the Festival Directorate reserves the right to exclude the film from the program.
9.5. The costs of transporting the competition films to and from Moscow are borne by the Festival Directorate.
9.6. Demonstration copies of the films participating in the Festival Competitions shall be in the original language with English subtitles, if the original language is Russian and with Russian subtitles if the original language is not Russian.

10. Prizes.

10.1. According to the results of the jury voting, the winners in each nomination will be determined:
Grand Prix of the film festival (for the best film);
best film (1,2,3 place) in each category;
best male role (in a full-length feature film);
best female role (in a full-length feature film);
the prize of the Chairman of the Jury (in a full-length feature film);
additional diplomas according to the jury.
10.2. The prize of the President of the Festival.
10.3. Special prizes from the Departments of the city of Moscow and the partners of the Festival.

11. Festival venues:

The Central House of Cinematographers;
the "Poklonka" cinema;
the cinema pavillion on Poklonnaya Hill;
and other venues.

12. Final provisions.

12.1. The Festival organizers guarantee that they will not use or transfer films to third parties for commercial purposes and reserve the right to use photos, slides and fragments of films (lasting no more than 3 minutes) for festival publications in the media.
12.2. The organizers of the Festival reserve the right to produce and use video recordings of business and educational programs in order to popularize the achievements of the Festival on the Internet and in the media.
12.3. Participation in the Festival implies agreement with its Regulations and provides for compliance with all the points of these Regulations. In case of any disputes concerning the Regulations, the Russian text of these Regulations prevails.
12.4. The Festival Directorate reserves the right not to explain the reason for the refusal to include the film in the Festival program without providing any comment.
12.5. The organizers of the Festival reserve the right to make changes to the guiding rules of the Festival during its preparation.

13. The Festival Directorate.

Youth Center of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia
123056, Moscow, Vasilievskaya str., 13 build. 1, 2nd floor, office 35
(Central House of Cinematographers)
Phone number: +7 499 251 85 11