Open Up, this is Mom, 2020
Directed by: Nina Volova
Open up, this is mom
Short feature film, 2020 12+

Directed by: Nina Volova
Screenplay by: Nina Volova
Produced by: Maxim Ladnushkin
Camera: Ekaterina Smolina
Music: Vitaly Kostritsky
Sound: Alexander Demyanov
Editing: Nina Volova
Costumes: Anna Savelyeva
Make-up: Anna Savelyeva
Cast: Natalia Volova, Tatiana Volova, Ekaterina Volkova, Olesya Zhuravleva, Evgeny Malakhov
Running time: 17: 23

Mother and daughter cannot get along together any longer. The daughter wants to get away from constant control and live freely, renting an apartment with a friend, the mother can not imagine her life without her daughter. One day, the mother comes to the garage and finds a new object to take care of there.
Nina Volova
Brief biography and filmography:

Born in Moscow in 1988, graduated from Moscow State University in 2010. After that, graduated from ScreamSchool as a 2D animator and worked for a couple of years on various animation projects: short fims, commercials. In 2013, together with Maxim Ladnushkin, she founded WinterFilm production studio , which is engaged in commercial filming. In 2019, she graduated from the directing department of the Moscow School of New Cinema. During her studies, together with Kirill Khachaturov her fellow student, she made a short film "My Brother" (2017), and together with Nikita Grushin - a short film "The Third Door on the Left" (2019), which were included in several Russian and foreign festivals ("Spirit of Fire", Lublin Film Festival, Gorky fest, Konik film festival, etc.). "Open up, this is Mom " (2020), her graduation exam film, received the diploma of the jury of the 31st Kinotavr festival with the wording "For the subtle combination of documentary and fiction". She also makes documentary films: the full-length film "Ideal Behavior" (2020) was shown in the program "Milieu. Together" at the Artdokfest 2020 festival.