Long Shot, 2021
Directed by: Vladimir Golovnev
Documentary, 2021 16+

Directed by: Vladimir Golovnev
Screenplay by: Vladimir Golovnev
Produced by: Vladimir Golovnev
Camera: Nikita Aniskin
Sound: Evgeny Chemakin
Editing: Konstantin Larionov, Vladimir Golovnev
Running time: 67 minutes 12 seconds
Since 2015, modern 3D cinemas have been opening in small towns and villages of Russia. These are several stories from different regions of the country about how arrival of the cinema saves the inhabitants of the outback from loneliness, abandonment, alcoholism, isolation... Live observation of how cinema changes life, and life turns into a movie.
Vladimir Golovnev
Biography of the director:

He was born on December 6, 1982 in the city of Omsk. He graduated from the History Department of Omsk State University (2004); the "Internews" Independent School of Cinema and TV (2005). Member of the Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation.

Filmography of the director:

2006 - "The ship goes, but the shore remains", doc., (screenwriter, director)
2008 - " Not of this world...", doc., (screenwriter, director)
2008 - "Curtain", doc., (screenwriter, director)
2010 - "The Game", doc., (scriptwriter, director)
2015 - "Two childhood", doc., (scriptwriter, director, producer)
2018 - "LETSPLAY", doc, (screenwriter, director, producer)