Last Bell, 2020
Directed by: Vyacheslav Belomestnykh
Last bell
Short feature film, 2020 14+

Directed by: Vyacheslav Belomestnykh
Screenplay by: Konstantin Kazakov, Vyacheslav Belomestnykh
Produced by: Anastasia Konkova
Camera: Dmitry Silnitsky
Music: Alexey Karpov
Sound: Semyon Dmitriev
Cast: Ekaterina Petrova, Roman Senin, Andrey Perovich, Maria Kleshnina, Denis Vorontsov Running time: 27 minutes
11-graders Anya and Sasha are already dreaming of a future life together in their small provincial town. While preparing for the last bell ceremony, Anya learns that her boyfriend Sasha, who dreams of becoming an architect, has won a grant to study in the cultural capital. Will Sasha leave to fulfill his dream or will he decide to stay in his native place with a person who cares for him?
Vyacheslav Belomestnykh
Brief biography and filmography:

Born in 1999 in Amursk. 7 years later he moved to Khabarovsk, where he became interested in stage productions and acting. For two years I studied at the Epicurus Theater studio, where I studied improvisation and staging small sketches. As I was participating in local performances, I also started getting interested in video shooting. He is studying at Spbgukit majoring in directing feature films and TV films (workshop of A.M. Antonov, to graduate in 2022)