Farewell Letter, 2021
Directed by: Roman Baranov
Farewell letter
Short feature film, 2021 18+

Directed by: Roman Baranov
Screenplay by: Roman Baranov, Vsevolod Chinilov
Produced by: Roman Baranov, Artur Chmukas, Vsevolod Chinilov
Camera: Dmitry Maly
Sound: Sergey Lukizov
Editing: Roman Baranov
Makeup: Svetlana Chinilova
Cast: Artem Melnichuk, Damir Sadreev, Anastasia Gorbatenko
Running time: 15 minutes

A short film in the screenlife genre. Before us is Vadim's suicide note. His girlfriend left him, his friend betrayed him, his boss tortured him. There is only one way out - to end his life. But he still can't finish his a farewell message...
Roman Baranov
Biography of the director:

He was born in Chelyabinsk, where he shot his first projects. Now I live in Moscow. I am studying at MGK to become a screenwriter, I plan to become a showrunner. Now I work as a director and screenwriter of commercials and documentary films. My 2018 short film "Fear" has gained 2 million views on YouTube. As a student, I was in Los Angeles, starred in several TV series as an extra.

Filmography of the director:

2018 - "Fear"
2018-2020 - "Alans." A series of documentaries
2019 - Promotional video "Don't forget about the smile"
2019 - "Pavel Volya. A daring marathon"