Best Friends, 2019
Directed by: Beslan Terekbayev
Best friends
Full-length feature film, 2019 12+
Russia (Chechnya) - India

Directed by: Beslan Terekbayev
Screenplay by: Beslan Terekbayev, Artur Mammadov
Produced by: Beslan Terekbayev
Camera: Mika Gamzyan
Music: Kirill Borodulev, Zulfiya Hashimova
Production Designer: Kristina Tsarenko
Cast: Riva Arora, Akshat Singh, Ria Singh, Beslan Terekbayev
The fates of three children of different nationalities and religions intersect in distant India.
There, they will have to face incredible challenges that can be overcome only thanks to friendship and dedication.
Biography of the director:
Born on July 21, 1980. General Director of the film company "Chechenfilm". President of the Foundation for the Support and Development of Cinematography of the North Caucasus. The founder of the film school "STEP". The first full-length film shot under the direction and direct participation of Beslan Terekbayev is "HIRO" (2007).
Filmography of the director:
2008 - Alienation
2015 - Distant evening
2015 - Call of the Heart
2017 - Irreversibility
2018 - We will not say goodbye
2018 - The last test of
2019 - Innocent
2020 - A touristy place