Aphrodite 2.0, 2021
Directed by: Arina Proshina-Kulik
Aphrodite 2.0
Documentary, 2021 16+
Directed by: Arina Proshina-Kulik
Produced by: Yulia Kalashnikova
Camera: Anna Azoyan
Sound: Dmitry Yakubovsky
Editing: Arina Proshina-Kulik
Costumes: -
Running time: 22:52
Olga Gracheva suddenly decided to radically change her life. An accountant in the past, now she is an international Master of Sports in power-lifting.

This is a film about female strength, beauty and ... loneliness. This is a film about the modern Aphrodite – a new version of the mythical goddess. Is its existence possible in the 21st century and what is it like?
Arina Proshina-Kulik
Brief biography and filmography:

Born on 24.01.1997, in Moscow. 2015-2018-studies at the Moscow State Pedagogical University (former Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical Institute) at the Department of Foreign Languages (incomplete higher education). 2018-present - studies at the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) named after S. A. Gerasimov. Directing department, workshop of non-fiction cinema of S. V. Miroshnichenko and S. L. Muzychenko. At the moment , she is a 4th-year student. During her studies at VGIK, she made several short documentaries:

"The Creator" (2018), " Letter. General delivery... "(2019), "At the line" (2020), "Muddy Glass" (2020), "Phoenix" (2020), "Aphrodite 2.0" (2021), " Anna Ardova. Another... " (currently at the post-production stage; release - September 2021)