An Ordinary Story of Ordinary Happiness, 2021
Directed by: Daria Glazunova
An ordinary stOry of ordinary happiness
Short feature film, 2021 16+

Directed by: Daria Glazunova
Screenplay by: Diana Gagarina
Produced by: Anastasia Okuneva
Camera: Vasily Bogdanov
Music: Evgenia Dyakova, Maxim Tureiko
Sound: Levan Sallaridze, Vyacheslav Kononenko, Leonid Balinov
Editing: Daria Glazunova, Vasily Bogdanov
Costumes: Vasya Nikolaeva
Makeup: Maria Galueva
Cast: Marina Bauer , Vladimir Kotov
Running time: 16: 05
A grumpy elderly woman who is used to nagging her husband for minor domestic problems discovers that her husband has left home after another quarrel. She goes after him, believing that it will not take much time, but as the search extends the heroine's state changes from anger to complete despair. Finally, the woman exhausted by the difficult day finds her husband ready to forgive her difficult character.
Daria Glazunova
Biography of the director:

Graduated from MGIK in 2020. 3 years of work experience in "Star Media Distribution" LLC. Winner of the shortlist of the Moscow Pitching of Debutants in 2020 in the TV Series category. Since 2021- editor of the "Prospect" Publishing House .

Filmography of the director:

"Debtor", student short film, "KonChi" web series , "Gabulik" short film, "An ordinary story of ordinary happiness", short film.