A Kid, 2021
Directed by: Damir Miftakhov
A kid
Feature short film, 2021 16+

Directed by: Damir Miftakhov
Screenplay by: Damir Miftakhov, Sergey Ovechko
Produced by: Daria Chigirinova, Svetlana Kuldyushova, Nikita Pikul
Camera: Danis Sharipov
Music: Albert Khasanov
Sound: Daniil Bochkarev, Wendy Rodriguez
Editing: Damir Miftakhov
Costumes: Maria Kuchko
Makeup: Maria Kuchko
Cast: Matvey Semenov, Ksenia Chigina, Lev Semashkov
Running time: 00: 28: 40

14-year-old Timur is trying to win the heart of a karate coach, with whom he is unrequited in love. His older brother decides to help him with this, but not in the way that Timur is ready to do it.
Damir Miftakhov
Biography of the director:

Born in Kazan in 1991. From 2000 to 2018, he lived in the Urals, Yekaterinburg. It is there where he was raised, grew up, got an education and started working. In 2018, he moved to Moscow and entered the Moscow Film School, where he shot "A Kid", his graduation work.

Filmography of the director:

2019 - "Unfulfilled promise", short film
2021 - "A Kid", short film